Adeyemi Adetoyinbo

Books by Adeyemi Adetoyinbo

architects of the future

Africa is the focus of a lot of discussions these days. We can't stop talking about great Africans, home and abroad doing the unimaginable, and breaking boundaries. Just like women all over the world pushing the front for equality, and stepping up to the oppression of patriarchy, one that has eaten deep into our human cores. It is a good thing, seeing people and ideologies rise and win no matter how far the war has come. However, the story behind every fight against all oppressions is told in this book: how each person can attain greatness and how this individual greatness can further make Africa a powerful continent with lots of created opportunities for future generations. We have a lot of things to be grateful for, but a lot of things still need to change and be done. It is us, the great ones who are going to shape Africa into what we desire for our future generations.


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