Adeyemi Suyi-Adedeji

Adeyemi Suyi-Adedeji holds a Bachelor’s (Honors) Degree in English, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education and a Master of Science Degree in Political Science. He has taught English Language and Literature in English in both secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria, producing students with great literary accomplishments, some of whom have become published authors themselves. He has edited a good number of literary works and written reviews for quite a few. Adeyemi Suyi-Adedeji is a strong believer in the power of words to store memories. An avid reader, he struggles to understand how anyone could suffer from boredom when one could visit a thousand exotic places and meet intriguing strangers every day in the pages of a book, armed with cinematic imagination. He is married and lives a quiet life with his wife and son. He writes on his blog at https://adeyemisuyiadedjiblog.wordpress.com. Do pay a visit.

Books by Adeyemi Suyi-Adedeji

windows on my mind

This collection of poems is a gamut of reactions to the realities of living in Nigeria; reactions ranging from anger to despairing impotence; from hope to debilitating despondence; from critical observations to inevitable cynicism. Some of them shed sardonic tears, some truly bleed. But, you also might find a little laughter in unexpected places. After all, even in the desert, there are seeds locked in the barren sands waiting for the first drops of rain.


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