Aduragbemi Akintepede

Aduragbemi Akintepede is a twenty year old Nigerian Law undergraduate. She started writing at the early age of nine. She published her first book, a play, titled ''One Good Turn'' in high school at the age of fourteen which was selected among recommended Literature-in-English texts for high schools by her state government. She also authored "New Cheese," (creative non-fiction), "Late Last Year," (fiction), How To Write A Book In 15 Days (non-fiction) and released her debut novel titled KIND at age twenty. Aduragbemi's laudable feats and works at such a young age have received nationwide recognition with publishing houses such as Punch, This Day and The Guardian topping the list in Nigeria.

Books by Aduragbemi Akintepede

new cheese: one girl's brave journey through uncertain change to a fulfilling future

New Cheese set in Nigeria, Africa is a true-life story of a young girl’s brave journey into the unknown. Here, she shares the personal story of the mountain she climbed to encourage everyone who needs to start afresh, overcome restraints and adapt to change. Cheese is a metaphor for anything desirable in life, a good job, ambition, education, goal, money, relationship, health or possession. This book is a must read for everyone, their ages notwithstanding as it will spur you to notice the little changes around you, embrace a different perspective to every area of your life and move your cheese in the right direction.

kind: a novel

Tonia lost her power of speech when her only guardian was hit by a stray bullet during the unrest that ensued after the protest against police brutality in Nigeria. She is engaged and set to marry the love of her life, Fred who insisted on marrying her despite oppositions from his family. On the day both families were to be introduced, her hostile father-in-law to be was discovered to be her biological father. Coming to the stark reality that she was fostered by those she knew all her life to be her family and also that the very person who stigmatized her like other people is her biological father. She is to choose whether to forgive or reject him and most importantly whether the marriage plans between her fiance would pull through amidst the chaos.


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