Akande Olatunji Moses

Akande Olatunji Moses, popularly known as T.J Moses, is the Chief-Editor of Teens/Youths World magazine, an internationally recognized Quarterly magazine publication. He is a debonair who has served in various hard leaderships; a passionate writer who has authored more than a 100 books, mostly published online, and whose book topped the bestseller's list in the international market via readerships' rating and recognition on Amazon, an international self-publishing company. He has bagged many certifications in fields relevant to his career from prestigious institutions; one of which was from Harvard University(Personal Development course, under the educational subsection of the Institution.) He is an experienced and certified network/digital marketer who has a limitlessly grown and established clientele base. Coupled with the many achievements in the path of his career, he has been on the Television and Radio in Nigeria and Ghana respectively as a Guest. He is also the Chief Executive of A.O.M Concept, a consulting company, involved in legal cybernetic works cum the Cofounder of JM Incorporation. He has an inimitable passion for personal development and has traveled near and far to lecture individuals, groups and organizations on how to cultivate the talents latent in them. He's been to the Philippines, Portnovo, Ghana and a few other African countries for speaking engagements bordering around leadership and personal development.

Books by Akande Olatunji Moses

lost in the womb

The first battle he has to fight is in his mother's womb. In spite of the many attempts to have him aborted, he fights his way out of the womb. Sadly enough, his parents believe his birth will terminate their goals. hence, they find a way to dump him. Through excruciating nightmares and devilish inner forces, he must first find freedom from himself before he proves that he is worth being called a son by his parents. Will he win? Will he be accepted? Are his parents right to call him a biological mistake? Search the pages of this book to find your answers as regards this true life story. Warning: this story may inflame your emotion until you reach the verge of secreting tears.


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