Alagba Komi

ONIPEDE Oluwalonimi Olarinkomi (Alagba Komi) is an MBA candidate at the prestigious University of Ibadan Business school, with an undergraduate degree from the same institution. As an undergraduate, Alagba Komi was dubbed as a very versatile student, as he combined being a student with being a radio presenter, a runway model, a member of his hall's literary and debating society and also a member of his departmental and faculty press organizations. Alagba komi currently serves as a Team Lead in Nigeria's Premier Bank, but with his eyes set on reigniting the passion for cultural heritage and African pride amongst the younger generation.

Books by Alagba Komi

son of olodumare

SON OF OLÓDÙMARÈ by Alagba Komi is a collection of forty-six (46) remarkable poems on cultural issues, motherhood, humanity, abuse, religion and other topical issues – a superb launch pad for the author, into the literary pool. The writer takes a reader on a journey, with a vibrant voice like that of sepals peeping through the calyx, promising beauty when they become petals. Oluwalonimi's engagement of simplicity to express the mystery of nature, the multifacetedness of humanity and the complications of life, makes this collection digestible by all minds. Oluwalonimi blends his thoughts into sumptuous lines that carry the weight of his experience, and stomach a high level of sagacity and indigenous knowledge. All poems in this collection are like arrows from the bow of a veteran archer, they contain expressions that hit the point of every Intention. The author has made a majestic arrival in the literary scene with this profound debut.

a walk in our shoes

Preamble There is always a story to be told, as each day welcomes a new challenge or a new blessing. We looked at 2019 in retrospect, irrespective of the pitfalls irrespective of the heartbreaks, we decided to write our story and experiences. Welcome to our 2019 experience as told by us


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