Alba Kunadu Sumprim

Alba is a filmmaker. She fell into writing by accident when a friend said, 'If you write the way you speak, it would make great reading.' A week later, I had a newspaper column and a few years later, The Imported Ghanaian was birthed, followed by A Place of Beautiful Nonsense. A 3rd book, Accra Hustle or God is in Control, is marching along slowly ?.

Books by Alba Kunadu Sumprim

a place of beautiful nonsense

"Yipee, I'm finally going back home." Many people have shouted these idealistic words as they boarded the plane returning to their motherland. Then they arrive, the imported one, and have to take a reality check. An experience akin to being punched by boxing gloves, worn by Azumah Nelson. Several times. Immediately, they wail, "Why the hell did I come back?" Nothing is what they expected it would be, leading to much whinging and frustration. For those who insist on staying, this is the survivor's guide to Ghana, the gateway to West Africa. However long it take you to adjust and no matter how many tears you shed, once you've sussed out the Ghanaian cultural scripts and laughed yourself silly at how wet behind the ears you had been, you'll wonder what all your fussing had been about. You won’t! Welcome to A Place of Beautiful Nonsense, where every challenging situations also offers a silver lining.

the imported ghanaian

With her rose tinted glasses firmly in place, the Imported Ghanaian deluded herself, believing that she could waltz into Kotoka International Airport with a grin like the winning ticket in the national lottery, and the band would strike up while the jubilant nation screamed, “Akwaaba oooo, akwaaba, our sister has returned back to us.” She returned home thinking she was as Ghanaian as any other, and that she would fit in snugly with the skills of a chameleon. The reality proved otherwise as she plunged headfirst into the endurance test of living in Ghana, where nothing is ever what it seems. Layer by layer, as if peeling an onion, each – sometimes, eye stinging – ‘coming back home’ cultural reality weaves her through a world where you can never be ‘too sure’, where and invitation is not exactly an invitation, where you have to die to find out how popular you are, and where being a Ghanaian and being Ghanaian are often two opposing concepts.


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