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think out of mediocrity

You are about to be exposed to unbreakable, timeless and Divine laws that guarantee enduring success, the crave of every human . The biblical concepts that cut accross all centuries and will endure beyond this digital age. I know for sure you must have been wondering if greatness can be achieved honestly and if a child of God can actually dominate the world. Your worries are over. This book will mentor you, I mean hold your hand, draw you out of cocoon, break all limitations and enlist you in the league of world class top flyers. Simple, self-explatory and enjoyable stories ,illustrations and practical life experiences that will inspire and arouse creative intelligence that propels you to result-oriented activities. Are you a pastor, business owner, executive, middle or low cadre manager, entreprenuer, saleman or student assuredly you will find the concepts in this book very useful.


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