Alex Iheanacho

Alex Iheanacho is a money and life strategist who helps individuals and organizations to create personal and financial possibilities using his Money Sense Blueprint™ and Intelligent Financial Mindfulness System (IFMs) ™. He is a prolific writer and an Amazon Bestselling Author. Alex is also the Founder of Money Sense Africa, a financial education and coaching company that helps individuals and organizations to improve their financial results. Alex’s mission is to help as many humans as possible to master how to move themselves forward by creating their own personal and financial possibilities without excuses. You can connect with his directly on: Lexnuel121@gmail.com 08091465571

Books by Alex Iheanacho

from street to stardom

His mother was about 3 months pregnant when his father abandoned the union for cultural reasons and background differences. This left Alex at the mercy of life and everyone else who saw him as a bad omen. He was psychologically and emotionally abused by everyone that was meant to protect him. At an early age, he became a fugitive and started sleeping in the streets just to make sure that he was away from the constant beating, cursing and hating he received from home. Before he was 12, Alex had already turned to a full-fledged junkie and a nuisance. To permanently do away with him, his family gave him away to a stranger who took him to Ghana and abandoned him in a park. With nothing but a primary 3 education, Alex had to fight fiercely for his life. He hawked anything he could find, worked in a public toilet, and became a scavenger roaming the streets to collect discarded items to sell for money. At many instances, he fed from the dust bin just to survive. This book is a true life story of how an abandoned boy became one of the most Influential Young Nigerians!


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