Alexander BusyBrain

Alexander BusyBrain is a devoted child of God who knows that one of our sole mission in this world is to tell others about the good news of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Books by Alexander BusyBrain

ignite - the bomb

Remember the motor of Guinness, “There is a drop of greatness in every man”. Well, this is very true; that greatness is your talents and it is in everyone. I'm sure you must have discovered yours by reading the first part of this book “TALENT – THE BOMB”. These great talents of yours can be wasted if you just only discover them without developing them. But that is the essence of this book to help you learn to ignite those bombs of yours and fulfil your God-given destiny.

talent - the bomb

TALENT - THE BOMB will help you embark on an inner journey through which you will explore parts of yourself that perhaps you rarely knew or never tasted just to discover those seeds of greatness that God had planted in you right from birth. This book will change your mindset and edit your belief system. It will also help you focus on your core-genius - to be better at what you are born to do, and be a huge success at the things you most enjoy.

at the cross

Do you want to connect more with God when you pray and receive more direct answers? “At the cross” is the tool you need for building a more powerful, dynamic life of prayer. Whether you believe it or not, we are at constant war with the devil and he does not fight fair. So, we children of God should not. This book contains 1098 warfare prayer-points, three for each day throughout the year. You now have at your disposal effective and powerful three prayer points randomly picked for everyday warfare against the enemy. Pray with this book, collecting the three prayer points for each day throughout the year and watch how you emerge victoriously from the battle with the devil.


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