Alexandra Oyelola

Alexandra Oyelola is a poet, composer, writer, and author of the new novel 366 Days Together. A hopeless dreamer and a hapless one at it, Alexandra delights in reading and writing romance novels, giving her strong-willed female characters, a much better luck in love. Her latest work is the sequel to her debut social-novel, Her Tale of Fate. Obsessed with writing, Alexandra finds herself delving into other niches and genres of writing, following her past works in Inspirational, Children, and Paranormal Books. During her free time, when she isn't writing or sleeping, Alexandra would be found at the pool. She is a thin line between being an optimist and a pessimist. Then again, she is proudly an ardent procrastinator, who has managed to complete few of the things on her bucket list, grumpily. Currently, she is studying Human Kinetics in the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria-Kaduna- Nigeria. To know more about her, just impute “Alexandra Oyelola” on Goggle, and she”ll be waiting to receive you!

Books by Alexandra Oyelola

366 days together

Derin, an ordinary teen, embittered with the loss of her parents, and separated from her sister, is compelled to take up a marriage proposal by her aunt. Without a choice, she accepts and marries the playboy-slash-business mogul, Daniel L.C. Hartley. In a stance, her life is changed as she is faced with his ass/attitude, the media, frenemies, and untold secrets. With all these pulling her, will she stand to survive and eventually find the one who her heart beats for? Daniel, the most talked playboy of the season, is made to take in a bride by his parents to curb his delinquency, against his wish. Accepting this, he plans to make Derin’s life a living hell and force her to call it quits. But when his heart begins to rule him otherwise, will he be able to learn to love his simple wife or quiver under the weights of the media, family, enemies, and a skeptical mystical mission?


Dominique, a victim of child prostitution, leaves the ugly life she was forced to adapt to and explores life beyond the walls of the brothel of her captors. However, the demons from her past keep grasping to reach her, and everything she does brings her scars alive. Can her young innocent mind, rigged with hatred towards the opposite sex, find peace and tranquility again? Don't miss this intriguing story of forgiveness, acceptance, and true love.

d night

Bright moves into the Cornerstone Neighborhood; one of the best Neighborhoods around, only to find out that there is a thick, deep secret behind that serene land, and the plastered smiles on the people. ______________ What are your greatest fears? They all come out when the sun goes down. What happens when you wake up from a nightmare but realize that your reality is in your nightmare? Reality is realistic, and a dream stays with the night. You'll be amazed at the power of a little five-year-old, and the depth of her beautiful mind filled with splendid fantasies that may just turn out to be realistic.

greatest gambol

Dahlia Sanders, a famed dancer with a lovable and simple life meets Phoenix Tuner, a don in the underworld, and the ruler of one of the greatest drug syndicates in Marybeth. In a stance, she's changed from the lovable icon that everyone desired to be like, into a villain who soared on the wings of darkness alongside Phoenix. However, when she understands what she had immersed herself into, will it be too late?

whispers of anonymous souls: a collection of poems

Everywhere, there are echoes and voices in the atmosphere. All we need to do is listen. This book is an anthology of poems conversed from the space around. These poems are written from genuine experiences and filled with words that are sure to twist a knob in your heart. "Words drafted, emotions illustrated. Whispers of anonymous souls." #Poetryaboutlove #Women'spoetry


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