Alvina Ibe

Alvina Ibe was born on 24th of March in Lagos, Nigeria. She attended the prestigious University of Lagos where she majored in English (2010-2013). In 2012, she won the Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo short story prize. Her works have been featured in literary journals and magazines. She published her first novel Green Soil in 2016. Green Soil is available on Amazon and on Okada books. She is a Novelist, Poet, Scriptwriter and a Short story writer. She is the founder of Alvina magazine, formerly known as Aleela magazine. She is also the founder of the writers’ club Writers Extraordinaire and a Co-founder of EGAN. Her love for writing is evident in her mastery of words which resounds with a certain kind of creativity that is sophisticated yet subtle. In her spare time, she reads avidly, speaks and sings. Follow her on facebook, instagram and twitter to get the latest updates on her works.

Books by Alvina Ibe


Shortly after leaving a lovely family behind to get married, Muna soon discovers she tied the knot with a Crime Lord. Battered by his narcissistic personality, Muna's heart of gold turns cold revealing that every woman has got a breaking point. How far is too far? A powerful, heart-wringing story of romance, mystery and suspense, 'Muna' is every woman's story and every man's privileged glimpse into the depths of a woman's heart. The characters are quite unconventional with an eccentricity that will leave one glued to the pages of the book. Action packed, suspense filled, spiced with humour and sprinkled with captivating dialogue, Muna delves deeper into societal issues that are mostly covered up and frequently left undiscussed, thus unveiling these issues and bringing them to the forefront. In a mind-blowing combination of crime, romance, humour and suspense, Muna is not your average read. It is bound to leave you shaken, re-awakened and stirred up to a new reality.


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