Amachree Ikijana

Amachree Ikijana is a Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, International speaker, Relationship expert, Media personality and Music Content / business coach. His greatest desire is to see people find fulfillment in life and he has since developed a passion for helping people make a success out of life. over the years, he has taught on the concept of being intentional about life and how this concept can change anyone's life, as it is the greatest secret to life's success. He believes and teaches that being intentional can make a marriage succeed and make any dream come through. He also teaches how to develop the skill of being intentional. As a speaker, he has used this skill to transform many lives and help many reach their dreams As an influencer who has imparted positively in the lives of many young people especially in Africa, he loves to volunteer for worthy causes that can have lasting positive impact on people. He loves to travel, enjoys listening to music and loves nature.

Books by Amachree Ikijana

the mark of death and the choice of life

Depression accounts for a large percentage of suicide related death in the world today. While it is true that depression is real and deadly if not properly treated, it is also true that you can be depressed and not be suicidal. This book teaches how to win the war over depression and overcome suicidal thoughts. When suicidal thoughts come, most people go through with it because they didn’t know any better, they feel helpless and inadequate, but you actually have the power to overcome suicidal thoughts, except that most people don’t know how to put this power to use and win. Death is not as powerful as you think it is. As a matter of fact, the power that death has, is the power you give to it. It is ok to feel depressed, but it doesn’t have to end in suicide. Find out how to win the war over depression and overcome suicidal thoughts in this book; the mark of death and the choice of life. Both suicidal thoughts and the will to live are conceived in the mind, as you read through this book, you will learn how to activate your ‘will to live’ against the ‘thought of death’. The truth is, life and death are choices we have to make; whether to live or to die. Whatever choice you make, you automatically activate your will-power in that direction to make it happen. If you chose to die, your will-power to end your life is activated, if you chose to live, your will-power to live is also activated to stay alive. This is a mystery of life and this knowledge can help you defeat depression and overcome suicidal thoughts.

the only reason why men cheat

Cheating is one of the greatest causes of unhappiness to women, and one of the greatest frustration of women in the world today, is not knowing why men cheat. They often wonder and ask what is it that men are looking for in other women that is not in their own women, which often cause them to cheat. Are men actually born to cheat? What are they really looking for? These are some of the questions in the mind of many women in the world today. Some say cheating is a choice while others say it’s a mistake or even a weakness. These and many more answers you will find in this amazing book. Interestingly, many women in the world today are now looking for God fearing men for marriage hoping they won’t cheat, but even God fearing men cheat too and a good example of this, is King David in the bible. A problem you don’t know the cause, you may not be able to find the solution to it. Therefore I invite you to come with me on this journey to find out the only reason why men cheat, and stand a better chance of saving your marriage and relationship today.

the foolish wisdom of the gods

The foolish wisdom of the gods is a simple story about the reality of how words affect the human life. Many people speak words carelessly without knowing how powerful those words influence their lives. It is important to speak the right words always, more importantly, is to be clear with our words and mean exactly what we say because words are spiritual elements and spirits do not have intelligence, therefore every words spoken is taken to mean exactly what was said. Many people often say a thing, and mean a different thing from what they say. Being able to communicate exactly what you feel and what you mean through words can save you from the foolishness of the gods. In this book, there are stories of different people whose words were the cause of the life’s predicaments they eventually found themselves in. Without knowing, they have used their mouths through words to cage themselves in, and many are facing problems they never planned for. Such is the situation with many in the world today. Life is ruled by words, therefore they that master the art of speaking rightly will definitely have their lives where they want it. The good book said, life and death are in the power of the tongue. This means that whenever you open your mouth to speak, you are either communicating life or death. If you speak life, you will live and if you speak death, you will die. You can either speak life or death concerning anything in your life. Your marriage, business, career etc are what they are today as a result of what you speak and still speaking concerning them. If you speak life, they prosper. But if you speak death, they die. Watch what you say at all times and say exactly what you mean. This is an important life’s principle.

how to stop your man from cheating

"How to stop your man from cheating" is a follow up on my first book; ‘the only reason why men cheat’. If you have read ‘the only reason why men cheat’, then you also need to find out how to stop men from cheating. Every man has the tendency to cheat, but if you know what to do, you can stop any man from cheating. Infidelity is one of the major causes of broken relationships and divorce around the world. Unfortunately, men have proven to be the main culprit in this ungodly act. Many women have given up on the possibility of ever finding a faithful man. Some who are married or in relationship with these unfaithful men are already fed up, and not knowing how to stop them from cheating, they feel helpless and frustrated. It is possible for men to be faithful but you must know how to keep them faithful and committed to loving only you. Crying and begging him to stop cheating won’t stop him, fighting him won’t also stop him from cheating. In this book, I shared deep secrets on how (what to do) to stop your man from cheating and as you put this knowledge carefully shared in this book to use, you will be able to stop any man from cheating, save your marriage and relationship from infidelity and have a blissful relationship. This book is highly recommended for both men and women; for the men, you will find useful knowledge on how to be faithful, and for the women, you will find useful knowledge on how to stop a cheating man from cheating


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