Amaka Chika-Mbonu

Amaka Chika-Mbonu is a motivational speaker, writer, and author of the game-changing book about relationships, ‘How To Get Your Wife To Swing From The Chandelier In A Red Negligee, a book that gives men deep insight into the mind of a woman, and gives women a voice to speak their heart to their man. Amaka has been a Christian marriage, and pre-marital Counselor for 15 years and is passionate about making marriage work. She has spoken at various female empowerment meetings, all-male meetings, and at singles gatherings, giving valuable insight into what she has learned from counseling sessions and personal experience, basing and weighing everything on the timeless principles from a book, she likes to call ‘The Books.’ Her mantra remains, “Marriage for a lifetime, not just a moment in time”

Books by Amaka Chika-Mbonu

how to get your wife to swing…

"How To Get Your Wife To Swing From The Chandelier In A Red Negligee" is a book written for man, about woman. It is also for every woman who has tried, but often times failed, to find the right words to speak her heart to her man. It's an eye opener for the married man as it demystifies his wife, and for the married woman to help articulate all the things she has ever wanted to say to her husband; all the things she feels are missing. For the bachelor to show him what a woman needs from him, and for the single lady, it provides a checklist of the qualities to look out for in the man she chooses to be with for the rest of her life. Slightly tongue-in-cheek, using short stories and a skit, this book provides valuable insight, useful tips, and practical action points that can act as a guide to achieving better understanding of each other in a relationship. A must read for all couples.

49 ways to get rid of the other woman

49 Ways to Get Rid of The Other Woman Without Getting Caught is a book that deals with the major issue of infidelity in marriage. The book explores the subject through the lens of a wife, seeking to oust the other woman, an intruder, who is threatening her territory.


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