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the two shall be one

Why do many marriages still crash, daily, despite the extensive number of literature on the subject of marriage? Why does the global divorce rate continue to rise exponentially? Why are many couples enduring, rather than enjoying, their marriages? THE TWO SHALL BE ONE sets out to answer these imperative questions and offers a fresh and unique perspective on the divine concept of marriage. In this remarkable book you will learn: *God’s true purpose for marriage. *Why your marriage is unique and different from that of other couples. *Steps to knowing your spouse and bringing out the best in him/her *What it really means to become one flesh in marriage. *Why transparency is such an essential ingredient in marriage. *The importance of the element of communication in marriage. *How and when to truly compromise in marriage. *The irrefutable sacredness of your marriage vows/oaths. *The true ideology behind leaving your family and cleaving to your spouse in marriage *The causes of divorce/separation and steps to avoiding them. *The imperativeness and benefits of raising prayer altars in marriage. *How total submission in marriage can become a two-way street. *Why knowing the love language(s) of your spouse helps strengthen the marriage bond. *The signs of a healthy marriage. Written for the single and married, THE TWO SHALL BE ONE is not a mere scholarly work, based solely on research, rather it is a fruit of divine inspiration and deep meditation, coupled with the author’s over 20 years of experience in marriage-related issues. Read and be blessed.


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