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chasing love

Lila believes she has finally found love. But there is one problem: The man she is in love with doesn’t even know she exists. Fresh out of a broken relationship, the last thing on James' mind is love. He just wants to focus on his dream of building a successful business. He appreciates the timely arrival of (so not his type) Lila into his life even though she is nice, supportive and the best friend a man could ever have …

trust in love

Attending the wedding of the man she had secretly crushed over and hoped she would one day marry was not an easy thing to do especially during Christmas, her favourite season of the year. But Tolulope Ajayi knew and understood the importance of duty and standing by a friend. However, it did mean that finding love was now at the very bottom of her wish list. Now she had only one thing in mind and that was to focus on her career and business goals. But when she crosses paths with business mogul Chuma Orji on the wedding day, love seems to want to find its way back to the top of the wish list. But her heart must be wrong since at a glance she could tell that he was everything that she didn't want in a husband...

above average love

Chioma has only one desire: and that is to regain the respect and love of her family which she had lost by not meeting their expectations. So when she finally gets an opportunity to prove herself, she seizes it with both hands and pursues it so passionately that she becomes blind to everything else, including the ultimate, precious gift of true love right in front of her. Will her eyes open before it is too late? Falling in love is the last thing on the mind of Biodun, after all, who thinks about love when one is burdened with so many challenges and struggling to survive? But then he stumbles upon Chioma and he finds himself unable to look away….

the trials of love

Zara has always known what the future held for her ever since she was a young teenager. It was just two things: life as a religious sister at the convent and her work with children. So when she was asked to reconsider her choice for a while she was frustrated but determined that nothing will stop her. But as the time approaches for her to once more plead her case Chuka walks into her life and the road she had deliberately turned her back on because of her fear of what it could bring now called to her. Can she resist what her heart had secretly always yearned for? Chuka is convinced his search for love has come to an end when he sets his eyes on Zara. So he is determined to win her at all costs but will the price to be paid be too high?

how to start writing, keep writing and finish writing that book

Are you tired of your books only existing in your head? Have you always wanted to write but somehow never been able to successfully grab that paper and pen or computer and sit down and start writing? Or perhaps you have several half-finished written works here and there accumulating dust in your cupboard or sitting on your laptop because seeing the writing all the way to the end has always been a massive challenge for you. Or maybe you actually have the passion and the drive to see your writing through but you have challenges like time, concerns about what people will say or think, or worried that your english is not where it should be. Maybe you find out that you're always out of ideas. Well in this 20 minutes read straight to the point no fluff book I will tell you how to overcome all of these challenges and more and you will finally be able to start writing, keep writing and finish writing that book.


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