Amanda Nwachukwu

Books by Amanda Nwachukwu

the total woman

The Total Woman explains the original identity and place of every woman created by God. In every woman there is the Wonder of God, an Outstanding Personality, a Mother, and Amazon, and a beautiful being of Noble Character. The Total Woman knows WHO she is, WHAT she stands for, and her PURPOSE in life. She is a woman who knows when to speak and when to be silent. She knows the importance and power of prayer, association and worship. She is a strategic fighter who doesn’t rush into the battles of life without divine plans. She is a woman of WISDOM, WORTH, and WARMTH. She is a builder—a lifter of others. She is a woman of Beauty, Brain and Character. This book will remind you of who you are as a woman; that you are not just a female by gender, and that your place is not just in the kitchen or in the bedroom. This book is a reminder to you that you are an EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN OF PURPOSE on the earth.

broken but not shattered

Broken but not Shattered, speaks of a life that was battered by challenges and pain, looked like defeat but refused to give in. Life's challenges have a way of breaking one into pieces directly or indirectly. Some of the things you go through are absolutely inevitable because it is part of life process and help shape you to a better and stronger you. You can be beaten by life challenges once but make sure it does not drain the life out of you. This is a very thought provoking book to inspire you never to remain down from life challenges but to rise up and overcome.


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