Amara Chidinma

Amara Chidinma Ezediniru is a devoted mum, a seasoned educator, a human capacity builder and a passionate humanitarian. Before taking to the classroom, Amara worked in several organizations and grew to become a business director. In the course of her career, she encountered stories from various women. She took interest in in bringing them together and giving them life. Her journey into writing thus began. Amara is the Managing Consultant of Rald and Vid Consulting.

Books by Amara Chidinma

in and out

In and Out is the story of a carefree lady who against all warnings plunges into a pit of delusional love. She finds it difficult to cope with the consequences of her actions and inaction. She seeks for God's help in the midst of her crisis. Help comes but she is not spared the ache that comes with reaping what she sowed. She is taken through a path of quick recovery a she accepts her mistake and takes full responsibility of her actions. Though a fictional character, Di may be any other girl near you.

dear daughter

Dear Daughter' is a thought provoking monologue from a mother, who shares the experiences of a woman in a patriarchal society, in a special, but interesting way. There are seven letters with specific themes. Each reveals hurt and brings healing. You will not stop reading until you get to the end.

queen nadia

A child’s hunger for greatness must not be doused. Nadia refused to give up on her dreams even though she knew not how it would come to be. Every child should be steadfast like Nadia.

keeping a safe space

"I must say that’s the birth of this book- keeping a Safe Space which speaks of the 5Rs. The 5Rs has transcended our school community, driving our children’s consciousness and equipping them with social skills that keeps them safe. It has also heightened their self- awareness." -Uche Ogbechie, Head of Primary, Danbo International School Abuja "To be honest, I think this book is really amazing. I am sincerely really proud to work on a book that teaches children how to set boundaries. I didn’t even know what boundaries were when I was a child and it is really good and inspiring to know that children will now know how to create healthy relationships with people, especially with themselves." -Anuoluwapo Popoola, Digital Illustrator "This book is a must have for all learners. Though penned for ages 4-11, there are nuggets for the kindagartner and adult like." -Lami Kato, Director, Danbo International School Abuja


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