Amara Nnaji

Books by Amara Nnaji

the little exports’ manual: how to navigate your way to foreign markets

The zeal for this book was borne out of the author’s interaction with others in her online journey. Seeing and hearing the desire which people has to access foreign markets, hearing their painpoints on their journeys so far, seeing and having experienced the dearth of useful information out there and seeing the helplessness on people not really knowing where to turn to for genuine or professional information. After years of teaching and helping people acquire this knowledge and still seeing the demand, Amara decided to leverage on her own years of experience and put together a concise guide which will shine light and point out the way for anyone who is interested in starting this journey. The book is not all encompassing as no one book will capture all what your business requires for this journey, however its purpose is to provide you enough to start out while you continue to seek relevant information for every step of the way.


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