Andrew Hallam

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millionaire teacher: the nine rules of wealth you should have learned in school, 2nd edition

Most people wouldn't expect a school teacher to amass a million dollar investment account. But Andrew Hallam did it, long before the typical retirement age. And he wants to show you how. In this updated second edition to Millionaire Teacher, Andrew Hallam shows how average people can build wealth in the stock market by shunning the investment products peddled by most financial advisors and avoiding the get-rich-quicker products concocted by an ever widening, self-serving industry. Using low cost index funds, coupled with a philosophy in line with Warren Buffett's, he guides readers to understand how the stock and bond markets really work, arming readers with a psychological advantage when markets fall. The second edition of Millionaire Teacher will include updates on why passive investing beats active management. It will also include a detailed segment on RoboAdvisors for Americans, Canadians, British, Australians, and Singaporeans. The book will also address studies on dollar cost averaging versus lump sum investing, and it will expand on the futility of trying to time the market, showing how the best time to invest is as soon as you have the money.


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