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passion into profit: how to make big money from who you are and what you know

Its time to get paid what youre truly worth Were all good at something. We all have one particular skill that were an expert in. Some of us even use that skill to gain profit and customers for big companies. But do we get paid enough in relation to how much our employers are raking in? Most definitely not! Anyone feel like thats unfair? Well Andy Harrington does and in this new book, he can tell us exactly how to assert our expertise, go it alone, and pull in the mega bucks. So whether youre already doing something youre pretty good at or you know theres something in you but need some help uncovering it, Andy can help you establish yourself as a key person of influence the #1 go-to person for that 'thing' and subsequently command the big bucks. Passion into Profit is a practical toolbox to help you position yourself as a premier expert and have people queuing up to work with you! Passion into Profit: Discusses how to discover the value in what you do Reveals how to build your circle of influence Will help you create a sense of purpose and define your personal brand Monetize all of the above to bring in the big bucks


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