Ani Udo

Ani Udo has two passions in life; talking to young people and designing breathtaking gardens. But talking to young people is his most consuming passion. He has worked with young people for many years as assistant youth pastor and youth pastor. His writings are focused on the areas of purpose, responsibility and relationships, all geared towards inspiring young people to choose a better life. He is happily married to Esther Ani Udo, and the union is blessed with two lovely children, Marvelous and Praise. He can be reached at: udoani611@gmail.com

Books by Ani Udo

how men play the game

This book is put together to help ladies avoid unnecessary heartbreaks. After months of answering questions from ladies in our monthly relationship get together, I came to understand that many ladies sacrifice a lot, and encounter great losses in relationships because they don't know how to distinguish between serious guys and players. This book contains practical wisdom to empower ladies decode intentions early enough, before they go too deep into a mess in the name of relationship.


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