Anietie Anii-Bassey

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nipped in the bud

This book attempts to present some basic but effective solutions to our everyday life challenges and encounters. Its uniqueness is in the presentation style. It is a combo of graphic illustrations, inspirational nuggets, narratives and biographic experiences of the author, arising from his personal life challenges and how he solved them.

life tips (nuggets for living)

The things that I think of. The things that I perceive. The things that I see. The things that I read. The things that I hear. The things that I feel around me. Actions and inactions of people. And everything that makes sense to me. They add up! They motivate and inspire ideas. They are like a collage of abstract images crafted together in the mind of an artist and carefully laid down in beautiful rendition for the benefit, admiration and consumption of all. This are my Life Tips for you.


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