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the living thoughts of a spirit man

This poetry collection is truly amazing. It offers graceful words for your enjoyment and upliftment. It tackles love and lust, spiritual illumination, people and places, as well as frustrations - - - - - all parts the book is subdivided into respectively. The first poem, for instance, uncovers the tug of war between your spirit and your loins as testosterone goes head to head with your spiritual fast today. Which side will win this war, lust or discipline? As you navigate your way towards the midst of the book, you will ask yourself which side you're on in the classic battle of good versus evil. You will question how you see life, and even come face to face with the inevitable! You will encounter the triplets named death as they forcefully intervene in the bloody union elections. You will also cry with the crying newscaster. Finally, you will join me ask God 40 questions. And as a bonus for reading this brief book that takes you on a long journey, you will be tempted to limp to the side of the light, leaving darkness in its wake.


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