Anita Alexa Njoku

Anita Alexa Njoku, known to most as ‘Alexa’, and to some others as ‘Anita Lexa’, is a Christian, CEO Lexastories and a morally driven African writer who wishes to catch children while they are still young with stories that teach them to live right and be human, and also inspire teens and adults with books that touch different African and Western life experiences. She often says, “The real world can be a cruel place but sometimes an imaginary world where you find solace and strength is all you need to face the world.”

Books by Anita Alexa Njoku

incarnate of the moon

Born as a love child, Iweka was condemned to death by the laws of Ndamiri village but was saved because she was born on the night of the blood moon. Being the Incarnate of the moon, she was powerful but rigid on her personal rules that forbade love and despised the name Mma given to her by her mother. But then a meeting with Ini, the keeper of the stream and a man born on the same night changes her opinion of love. A mix up of love interest between Iweka and her best friend Uli brings her to a near-death experience and her redemption.


An atheist's Youth Service Program was supposed to be fun and adventurous but then a visit to the beach becomes the beginnning of his miseries. He's a stranger who has caught the interest of the Maiden of the Waters. Would Adunni listen to the warnings or would he let his stubborn instincts rule him?


ABIKU _Beware of the people you help and collect gifts from._ In a village where every form of necromancy is banned except if performed by the priestess, Nneji the most beautiful girl seeks to make the new girl in her dance group feel welcomed. But then Biku disappears after Nneji accepts her friendly gift. A spiritual trade of souls happens and Nneji's best friend is found dead the next morning. Will her innocent cries of help be heard or will that be her doom?


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