Ann Esievoadje

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the quilt

A diabolical ruse to exact revenge. A wandering heart returns home. A life for a life trade for a crush. The nasty secrets in a perfect seeming family… The Quilt is a collection of eight stories and two dramas pieced together to drive readers to deep introspection. It’s charming interior book design make reading The Quilt a positive delight. Each story touches a different subject matter using different genres to create realistic world replicas. Ann Esievoadje masterfully weaves them all into one easy read showing she is a prolific writer. She has also authored non fiction books (Being Mummy and Me, Parents and Children) and another collection of stories titled Troubled Horizon and Other stories.

being mummy & me

Being Mummy and Me is a non-fiction book on how women can balance their individuality as a young married parent in different phases of life. From keeping relationships with our spouse, extended family and friends, to loving ourselves and pursuing our goals both in academics and career. It is punctuated with stories from real parents on funny things children do. Ann Esievoadje pulls from her experience as a mother of two sons to share life lessons learned along the way. Her love for stories is evident in the other books she has authored - The Quilt, Troubled Horizon and Other stories and Parents and Children.

parents and children

Too busy to read a 64 paged book on parenting? This is just the right book for you. Parents and Children is filled with bite sized information on how to handle children’s emotion, interpersonal relationships, health crisis and financial literacy. Ann Esievoadje uses the pattern of her Nimabox Youtube Book Review show, Book Lovers Alley, to present the information in an easy to read manner. She is a talented writer driven to change people through her writing. Ann Esievoadje has authored other books such as The Quilt, Troubled Horizon and Other stories and Being Mummy and Me.

troubled horizon and other stories

A bus ride becomes a fight for dear life. What do you do when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place with no help in sight? Do you give up, or cling to hope? Find out how Shalom fares when she opts for a bus ride that goes horribly wrong.


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