Anna Kennedy

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business development for dummies

Business Development For Dummies provides a model for business development that is specially designed for small-medium-sized B2B or B2C professional service firms. It maps business development to the customer lifecycle, ensuring your business is focused on growth through effective customer management. It covers strategy, marketing, sales, client management and partnerships/alliances in depth, helping you develop robust business development practices that can be used every day. Its a must-read for any business looking to grow and develop. Inside youll find: The core concepts of business development - and how it differs from sales. Planning for business development - getting your business development strategy in place and building a practical step-by-step plan. Marketing - including demand generation and how your marketing should integrate with sales. Sales - and how you should go beyond the typical sales cycle. Customer management - how to leverage your customer relationships for even greater success. Partnerships - why theyre important for your businesss growth and you can develop and implement a partnership strategy.


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