Annie Tsai

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the small business online marketing handbook: converting online conversations to offline sales

Small Business owners today are exceptional at delivering on the product or service theyre in business for most however dont know where to start when it comes to online marketing. With the proliferation of social media and the consumer voice on the web, small business owners need to take a deliberate approach to leveraging this new marketing channel to effectively convert online conversations into offline sales. The Demandforce Team has combined over 30 years of experience in enabling small business owners with the knowledge and tools to grab their online reputation by the reigns.  Theyve taught thousands of their customers how to effectively leverage email, social, online, and network marketing to get new customers and keep existing customers coming back. Many of their amazing customers for years focused most of their marketing spend in the offline world. In this book, the author will show readers how to refocus just a small percentage of that offline marketing budget and create long-lasting, exponential return for their businesses. Each chapter in the book will include spot interviews and do this now advice from resident experts at Demandforce including the founders. The book would represent a compilation of materials that they teach their customers every day.


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