Anthonia Egbujiobi

Books by Anthonia Egbujiobi

building castles with pebbles

In Building Castles with Pebbles, the author puts forth principles to adopt if one wishes to make the most out of little and make advancements in life. She also shares her own experiences and testimonies from adopting these tried-and-trusted principles and affirms that "Little can make a BIG difference."

bridging civil-military gap

In this timely and relevant book, Flight Lieutenant Anthonia Egbujiobi presents facts and figures from her detailed research on curbing insecurity and calls for co-operation between the military and civilians as the way to combating insecurity. The book also suggests how this collaboration can and should be achieved. She was inspired to author this book when she was nominated by the United Nations to serve in Congo as a military observer. Her experiences about the programmes and empowerment schemes she conducted in Congo – which earned her a recognition and award by the UN and Nigerian Air Force – with the peoples and communities where she served are documented in her first book titled, Building Castles With Pebbles.


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