Anthony O. Godwin

Anthony Okwudirichukwu Godwin is currently a student in the faculty of pharmaceutical science, in Enugu state university of science and technology. He was born in 1995, in Nkanu East local government area of Enugu State, Nigeria, the Western part of Africa. Opportune to break the veil of the world as a twin, he was brought up in a Christian family of nine, consisting of three girls and six boys. Anthony grew up in Abuja, away from his state of origin, Enugu. His first formal education was in L.E.A nursery and primary school, Abuja. Drawing and playing football had always been his favorite hobby, but until he made it to the final year of his secondary school, he never loved literature. The Slate of vale series is his first-ever published book. He is also the author of Ada Pride of Alaocha, Ejima (the God of gods has answered), Vortex (Slate of Vale book II), SemPow and others.

Books by Anthony O. Godwin

the slate of vale

It was an accident. It shouldn't have happened. But, the deed has been done, they must face their fears or die. Jeff and his friend Matt were playing in Max Peter's laboratory when they accidentally touched an ancient relic, the Slate of Vale, which was the key to the prison of the world deadliest creature. Vortex. Now, the prison of Vortex has vanished, together with the Slate of Vale, and nobody knows where except Max Peters. He must prepare the boys to face what's about to come Or Vortex will escape the prison and hunt them? But, how will he set them on the right path when death has already welcomed him?

ada pride of alaocha

It all started like a little spark in her chest, and then it grew and ignited her whole being with an outburst of emotion. Before she could recollect herself, she found out that she desired him more than anything in the world. But love has betrayed her. She must find the Ofor or darkness will plague the land forever


She was forced to leave her home, her husband and her love. She was forced to become a servant of the gods, because her womb had refused to stop giving birth to twin babies. But now, the very thing that drove her from her home, has become the very thing that is putting a smile on her face. The Battle line has been drawn, she must save every twin baby or guilt will drive her into insanity.

ejima (full version)

Let's live together, they say. Let's hold the night and bring forth the morning. Let's live in harmony. If those words were true, then Ejima would have been the happiest woman on earth. But as it stands, nobody cares. Even her husband, her first and only love, has abandoned her to the mercies of tradition. The rule is simple: give birth to twin babies and die or be banished from the village. Well, some rules are made to be broken, and in her case, Ejima has thwarted the rules to fit into the box of her revenge on the village. She has made a vow of vengeance, a sacred vow that would change her life in a way she least expects.


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