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my dad was right about pregnancies

As a child, I had grown up with the mindset that pregnancy and childbirth would be the end of me... That I would go through so much pain and discomfort and lose myself and my vision in the process of becoming a mother. Two decades after, I have my first baby and guess what?! This entire process from pregnancy to delivery was the best thing ever! In this book, I share my pregnancy experience and process from conception to delivery. I share how I moved from being afraid of pregnancy and delivery to becoming empowered and excited about carrying and birthing my child. This creative non-fiction book covers my conception story, self-esteem in pregnancy, overcoming morning sickness and physical discomfort, pregnancy and delivery confessions and my supernatural delivery story. I strongly believe that the promise of strength and ease in pregnancy was not designed for me alone and that is why I am sharing my journal! So, you can see and open your heart to this and more!


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