Aronke Vigo Omame

Aronke Vigo Omame, a member of the Bar in Nigeria, is not only a lawyer but also a trained relationship counsellor, who troubleshoots relationships of the heart, specialising in conflict issues. Many have described her as a divorce counsellor. In her counselling and provision of legal information to her audience, she gives legal perspectives to issues that come before her. Known by many as Sisilawyer, she has written the book, Ada's Love Notes, with the average person who shies away from legal information and knowledge, in mind. She wishes to entrench in the minds of such people that legal matters do not have to be frightening and difficult as the culture has presented to her people, hoping that everyone who reads this will not only enjoy the humour scattered all over the book, but will be enlightened by the cultural issues that abound there as well as be educated about what the laws of her country allows in family matters. Aronke or Sisilawyer runs a successful boutique law firm specializing in family and related issues. She has two adult daughters and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Books by Aronke Vigo Omame

ada's love notes

Ada’s Love Notes is a warm, humorous and enlightening book about married life of a Nigerian couple, who enter marriage without any awareness of the legal implications of their married life, save that they have a monogamous rather than a polygamous marriage. The memoirs are Ada’s and she tells 33 stories of events that happened at different stages of their marriage over a 33 year old marriage. Each story has a short footnote of the legal and other implications of issues arising from the story. Ada’s Love Notes is an intimate chat with the reader, flavoured with humour and deep reflection. Whether it is about creating a bloodline, third party influences – particularly in laws, infertility, infidelity, discrimination, finances, inheritance, Ada’s Love Notes show that at every stage of our lives we are faced with life’s landmines and we need to have a counselor on hand to help traverse the landmines.


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