Ayandola Ayanleke

Ayandola is a Content Writer and Copywriter with more than 5 years of experience writing personal and brand stories. She has worked with more than 50 brands to improve their brand perception and increase their brand awareness. However, in her spare time, she likes to read love stories and decided it was a good idea to author hers. This decision is what birthed Wrong But Right and others in the works. She hopes you enjoy reading about her characters as much as she enjoyed writing them.

Books by Ayandola Ayanleke

wrong but right?

Sandra Adejumo came into the Badejos home as a house help but on a mission. She had been told by her late mother that she was stolen as a child from her real parents (the Badejos). So, Sandra came seeking answers. However, what she didn’t bank on was Pamilerin, the first son of the Badejos, falling in love with her. It came as a big shock to Pamilerin that the lady he thought he knew wasn’t just his mother’s sweet domestic help. But that was mild compared to finding out that he was adopted by his parents. The story revolves around Sandra and Pamilerin navigating these contradictions with their family. Although it looked like this spelt the end of their relationship, they soon found out that their family is the biggest fan of their love.


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