Ayodeji Ebadan

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the business intelligence cookbook

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE COOKBOOK brings together in one book, concepts, tips and principles any entrepreneur at any level or scale can utilize to build innovative and sustainable businesses. In this book, we explore 5 major sub topics: • Rules of Innovation - How to activate your inner eye to see and leverage difference to excel. o Purpose of innovation include: • Rules of work - Develop the right ethics to produce the results you desire. o Five senior management and executive level in Multinational companies professionals from Nigeria and Europe share their top 3 to 5 tips on work that produces results • Sales: The Numbers Game - Don’t joke with the numbers, your money depends on it. • Rules of Execution - How about increasing your chances of succeeding and lowering your risk of failure on your ideas and projects? • Customer Service Hacks - Get them, pamper them, keep them or Pack Up! Customer care starts from when you conceive the idea of the company, even before your first client


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