Ayodele Olagoke

Ayodele Olagoke holds a bachelor degree (B.Sc) in Mathematical Science. Interestingly, she is a resourceful personage and an accomplished literary writer. However, her wealth of experience in different areas of human endeavours has tremendously helped her in publishing outstanding literary collections. She is an erudite scholar, a creative literary writer, editor, an accomplished author and an examiner. Ayodele is best known for writing fiction stories that teach moral values and encourage those who have lost hope in life. Among her published books are: ATale Of Two Rivals, Mysterious Twins, Whispers Of A Prince, The Prince Without Shoes, The Smart Cock And Other Stories, The Exuberant Bees, Weeping Princess Of Stone City, Happy Moment With Grandma, Guiding Kids To Love Mathematics, An Open-Secret Deal, Hungry Minds and she co-authored a book titled Manual for Effective Parenting with Olawale Olagoke and Olufunmilayo Fasina. She is presently a deputy director at Daveman Communications Company (an integrated marketing communication outfit) and Honeymick Global Publishers. Ayodele is a member of Chartered Institute Of Stockbrokers and also possess Post Graduate Diploma in Education Ayodele is a caring mother & a wonderful wife. She loves reading, writing, travelling and listening to good music. Ayodele can be reached through the followings: ayodeleolagoke@yahoo.com ayodeleolagoke1971@gmail.com Social media accounts: Facebook: Ayodele Olagoke LinkedIn: Ayodele Olagoke Instagram: ayodeleolagoke1808

Books by Ayodele Olagoke

a tale of two rivals

A young veterinary doctor rescued a stray cat during a violent wind storm, when he was returning home from the clinic in the evening. This development was contrary to Susie’s belief that no other animal would be welcome in the house. Therefore, she was not ready to share her master with another animal. She later adopted a military strategy with an underlying tone of “attack is better than defense” to get rid of the cat. Did the cat make any secret plans to fight back? Was there any casualty at the end of the day? How did Dr. Maxwell crawl out of the web of conspiracy prepared by these animals? Find out these and lots more inside this interesting stories.

happy moment with grandma

“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort, lesson about life and most importantly cookies” Rudolph Giuliani. Nine-year-old Betty was privileged to listen to fairy tales from her mother at a tender age. This exercise encouraged her to develop deep interest in reading different story books. However, when grandma came on a visit, it was a different ball game for Betty. A little moment with grandma was a wonderful combination of warmth, good prospect for the future, laughter and love. Betty had an amazing experience about funny stories and she finally realized that there was a strong genetic bond between grandmas and their grand children. In fact, there was nothing they wouldn’t do to make their grandchildren happy.

weeping princess of stone city

King Adoga was a powerful king of Stone City. The city was blessed with gold, silver and other mineral resources. People from different places under the sun came to the city for business and pleasure. In spite of this wonderful story about the city, something vital was missing in the royal household. Interestingly, two strangers came into the city at different time, to provide what the king really needed to live a fulfilled life. Who was the vital missing link in the royal household? Where did the strangers come from? What were their motives for coming into the city? Find out lots more as you read this interesting story.

an open-secret deal

A plan was hatched at a dumping ground to kidnap Jewel for a huge ransom. Pinky was privy to the information and he reported to his master’s children. Richard found it unbelievable when his children told him, what Pinky had discovered at the dumping ground. He threw away the information away with a wave of hand. Nobody believed the report because strings of mysterious elements attached to the story automatically gave it a technical knock-out. Nevertheless, the relentless efforts and timely intervention of Daniel, Daniella and Pinky foiled the kidnap attempt orchestrated by Patrick and his gang.

the exuberant bees

Once upon a time, there lived a set of bees noted for their energetic, adventurous and noisy nature. These bees, known as Tom and Tim, were not getting any fun out of the regulated lifestyle of the colony. One day, they decided to look elsewhere for a change that would suit their nature. Their request was eventually granted to prevent further agitation that might lead to a revolution in the colony. However, the king and elders gave them warning not to spend more than seven days in the outside world. Count down for seven days began, as the gate keeper of the colony released them to the outside world. Tom and Tim were excited to breath air of freedom without knowing that there were many rivers to cross. Their journey was full of sweet and bitter experience. Find out lots more, as you read deeper into the main story.

hungry minds

Every mind hungry is yearning for greater height. Nevertheless, the search for such lofty height is determined through either an honest or crooked way. This explains strong desires of Dixon and Silas, who opted for a fast lane to get rich quick. The fall guy for their shady deal was a colleague, who wholeheartedly dedicated his time to the corporate objectives of the company. Unfortunately, an underground game which was shrouded in secrecy blew up in their faces unexpectedly. Hey, wait a moment, it’s not over yet! Get to know more about the game of wit, hostility and a template, which provided soft landing for the fall guy. Take a dive into the main stream of the story and enjoy every moment, as you flow with the current… Happy reading…

whispers of a prince

Prince Adegboyega was attracted to a beautiful daughter of a prosperous farmer from a neighbouring town, during the celebration of a yam festival. Nevertheless, his bold move to conquer the lady’s heart was nothing compared to the web of intrigues and conspiracy that almost suffocated his noble intentions. The story was written to awaken consciousness of the contemporary youths to some salient issues about Yoruba culture, traditional cum indigenous names (cognomen) and people’s ways of life in some local settngs. This story is educative, informative and entertaining. You won’t keep your eyes off the pages until the end. Enjoy it all and happy reading!


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