Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe

Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe is a Nigerian motivational speaker, a writer, and a life coach who has a passion in touching lives positively in any possible way, especially through writing and speaking. He has authored some inspirational books that bring encouragement to a lot of the discouraged souls, confused minds and the depressed hearts.

Books by Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe

the endless journey

What would you be remembered for when you are dead and gone? Or what would you like to be written on your gravestone: "A peace maker" or "A troublemaker." "A good man" or what? Guess what, "Rest In Peace" is not wished for, rather it's planned and worked for."Rest In Peace" is a ceremonial wish and it does not guarantee that you must surely rest in peace when you die, but if you want to rest in peace, it's now you will begin to work for it. Even if all the bishops gather to tell you, "Rest in peace" at your funeral, but you did not live a good life, you will rest in pieces, and not in peace. *The Endless Journey* reminds us that we are in transit. The world is not our home. But let me ask, how old are you? How many more years do you think you still have to live? Deduct the life you have lived from the one you still have to live, then how many more years or days do you think you still have to live? It's very simple mathematics, but this one has no answer because no one has his life in his hands as to know the number of years he has to live. After reading *The Endless Journey*, you will have a rethink, and it will help you to start amending your ways where you are not getting it right. So when do you think you will die? In case you are a designer, I'm not asking you to start designing the grave where you will be buried, but to start designing and amending your life. Where would you spend your eternity when you die?

the school of life

The school of life is a preparatory ground where God prepares us to face life. It's a school the lazy ones would not like to go. Anyone who wants his name to be carved in gold must surely pass through the school of life. Life is full of challenges and it takes the determined mind to survive it. In life, the mountain will introduce you to hill; the hill will introduce you to the rough road which leads to the valley of life; and it's in that would God begin to minister to you, teaching your hand how to make wealth, and how to invent things. Sometimes God would purposely take us to the valley where it would be you and him alone to show you mystery, so that when you come out from the valley, you will combine all the experiences of the mountain, hill, rough road, and that of the valley together so that when you stand to talk in this noisy world people will listen to you because you have something to deliver. The world does not listen to people who complain about their situation, but it gladly listens to those that have solution to the world's problem. As you are facing the challenges of life which is also the school of life, try to find out the reason why God allows you into it. The School Of Life teaches us that life is not a bed of roses.

crushed but not destroyed

One day in your life you will come to a point where the going will get so tough and your prayers may not be answered as you would want them to be answered. It will seem as if the whole world is collapsing on you. Crushed But Not Destroyed reveals that nobody is exempted from the challenges of life, not even Jesus when he was on earth. Even he experienced a crushing moment in his life, and it was at that point that he prayed, ""Father, if it will be possible, let this cup pass away from me."" Crushed But Not Destroyed will help you to understand that when you come to that point, what happens is the will of the Father and not yours. Jesus understood and that was the reason he said ""Let your will be done."" Until you understand that it's the Father's will that will be done, you will keep blaming the situation, looking for someone to blame, or will continue to be living in self pity. Have you been crushed? Are you in it right now? Be assured that come rain, come shine, God will not let you be destroyed.

be still

BE STILL is an inspirational book that brings to our mind that God still cares for his children in this world full of crises of faith and the economic melt down. As a result of the challenges of life, a lot of people are getting worried thinking whether they would survive it. God wants us to be still no matter the situation of the economy or the climatic changes. He knows that worry does not solve problems, but it creates more problems to people. He says that he is with us even till the old age, and Jesus says that he is also with us till the end which means he is still with us when the economy or climatic changes is unfavorable. The book reminds us that Jesus is our peace, and peace is not the absence of war, challenges of life and the likes but trusting God in the storm, unmoved by the things we see or hear, holding on to his Words no matter how long he takes to show up for us.

the right thinking mind

*The Right Thinking Mind* teaches us that every great achievement begins from imagination. You are the product of your thought; and so what are you thinking in your mind? When you have the right mind, you will be having the right thought, but when you have the wrong mind, all your thoughts will be wrong.

the broken vessel

She wanted to please everybody but ended up pleasing no one including herself. She thought there was nothing wrong in drinking like the fish as long as she drinks what the fishes drink but, she did not know that the toad likes water is not when the same water is boiling. If she had known that a man is standing in the middle of the ocean does not make him to call crocodile his friend, she would not live to please anybody. Promise was a gifted child sent to be a blessing to her family, but she had a message to deliver to the god before her destiny would be released. She was given a mysterious vessel to present to the man who would unseal it. The vessel contained a mystery that was not made known to her from the beginning of the journey, but she was warned sternly never to temper with it. Tempering with it meant tempering with her destiny. She was instructed to follow the footprint that would lead her to where she was going. If she must successfully deliver the vessel, she must not pay attention to the side attractions. To reach her destination, she had to walk on the footmark of the man who supposed to receive the vessel, but when she started losing focus due to distractions from the people she met on the way who did not know the importance of the vessel, she forgot the instructions; and the vessel she was told to guard jealously fell from her hands and broke. If she had known the danger of breaking the vessel, she would have protected it just like the way a lioness protects her cubs. The breaking of the vessel was the beginning of her end.

deadly choice

Consumed by the anger of her previous mistake, Esther did not think twice before taking decision that ruined her life. She thought she was on a sweet revenge mission but little did she know she was on a fatal mission. If Esther had known she would not succeed in that mission, she would never engage herself in such dangerous lifestyle. The hunter later became the hunted. Esther died because of the deadly choice she made.

silent tears

Ella was shocked when the doctor told her she was pregnant. Her boyfriend denied the responsibility. Ella did not know how she could tell her parents about it; her silent tears was so audible to her ears each time it dropped from her face. Instead of opening up to her mother she decided to handle it herself but the worst happened.

the wounded and broken heart

Thinking that God has forgotten your address? Does it seems that the entire world is collapsing on you or that you are not going to make it anymore? Is your heart broken; how broken is it? The good news is that God can still amend your broken heart if only you will give him the pieces. Does it seems that you have made the worst mistake? Never mind; God can still rewrite your story. Looking for someone to share your brokenness with or talk to you? Then grab this book.

no fishing in this body

As long as a man is still getting the cow's milk free he will not buy the cow. Do you think that what still keeps him in that relationship is sex? A man will never think of marriage as long as he keeps getting what he should pay for free. If you want him to propose, then do this...

forgiven heart

Ann, Brenda, and Amanda were roommates. Brenda was a flirtatious type. Amanda was enticed by such life but unfortunate to her, the first time she joined Brenda was the day she fell in the hand of a cultist who killed her. Ann was a serious decent student who did not allow school life to rob her the main reason of going to school. Having written her final exam, a night prior to the day she supposed to leave, a group of the cultists stormed her room and raped her one after another. She was diagnosed HIV positive and after some months she was hospitalized. There in the hospital, two person came to pray for her but along the line told her that God says that until she forgives those that hurt her that they would not pray for her. Ann found it too difficult to forgive, but later decided to forgive. The night she forgave the cultists that raped her was the day she had a dream where a man in a white robe appeared to her and healed her and she was confirmed negative after series of tests. Ann later fell in love with Desmond who happened to be a friend to one Chike. Her parents did not allow her to marry Desmond, but when she insisted in marrying him, the parents disowned her. Desmond was struggling to make to it when he married Ann. He told her that they would stay for years before having children as to be able to raise money they would use to take care of their kids, but along the line she impregnated her. Desmond pleaded with her to abort the baby due to his financial state? after much pressure she consented, but on the process of aborting the child she lost her womb.

i married her out of pity

Tolu married Funmi out of pity when she lied to him she was raped by her ex. She told him her parents would be evicted from church if their parish priest discover she was pregnant for the second time. Moved by her tears Tolu accepted to marry her in order to save her parents shame but that was the worst mistake he made that ruined his life. After Funmi had given birth, she started sleeping with different kinds of men; she made the house uncomfortable for Tolu and when he could not cope with her character he left the house for her.

handling depression

We are living in a world full of so many troubles. And a lot of people are suffering from one pain or the other, one problem or the other; (you are not in exception), and things are getting hard everyday. The level of hardship today in the society is big enough to cause depression. But there is one truth I would like every reader of this book to know, the reason why life is given to you is because God knows you are capable enough to handle it and anything it will bring to you. God will not give you what is bigger than you. He wouldn’t have allowed you to see today if he knows you will not be able to handle what today would bring. Life is not a bed of roses where you can wish for a particular thing and have it the following morning; no matter what life brings to you, God knows that you are strong enough to handle it. But most time, due to ignorance and some other issues, a lot of people think that the only way to end hardship is to commit suicide. When there if life, there is hope. Above all, no matter what the economy is turning into, you can still make it. It’s not too late to still make it in life. That bad situation is not the end of life.

the untold mystery

"Benedetti tried to reveal the allegory of the mysterious tree of madness to her daughter Promise, which was located at the center of the village square, but when peer pressure was much she succumbed to their enticement. Promise did not want to sound different from other people because of the moral decadence in the society but her destiny was ruined the day she decided to taste the forbidden fruit."

proper guide for good parenting

"Child parenting is not the work of mothers alone. It's a joint effort by the both parents. All these attacks all over the world today are as a result of the failed responsibility of the parents and now everybody is paying for it including the innocent ones. Children who supposed to be a blessing to humanity are now problem to the society; that is the consequences of not parenting them properly. If you fail to catch them young for Christ, somebody somewhere will catch them young for Satan and he will be using them to do outrageous things in the society. Proper Guide For Good Parenting teaches you how to successfully parent your children in this crooked generation."

parenting an inferiority complex child

Every child is unique. No matter the number of children you have, study each and every one of them, it will help you to know how to handle them successfully if only you want to be a successful mother or parent. It's not how you handle other children you will handle an inferiority complex child because if you do, he will see it as hatred. Treating an inferiority complex child the way you treat others is like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

valley of the lost souls

It took Charles a few seconds to land in the valley of the lost souls. When the tormented souls saw him, they thought he came to rescue them, but later realized he had no power to deliver them. What Charles saw there terrified him so much so, that he pleaded with the angel who took him there to take him back. Who is brave enough to withstand the horrors of Hell where souls are subject to eternal punishment, and tormented because they are forever lost? Who can calm the wrath of Hell? If you think you are strong enough to rescue a single soul from Hell, then take a walk into the valley of the lost souls.


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