Babatunde Oladoke

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beyond black...thinking for a change

Beyond Black challenges those who have been historically passed off as inferior to stop seeing their race as a disadvantage. No one has earned respect by feeling sorry for themselves, or by moaning and being beggarly. The world stops for people who make things happen. I don’t think anyone would willingly yield their strength to you if it firmly keeps them in control. They let you in on things, absolutely, on a need to know basis. And before they do, they want to be sure it won’t turn around and bite them. If sharing knowledge or information with you empowers you to the point that the ‘masters’ lose some ground, they don’t share. Quit the pity party! Stop blaming the circumstance of your birth, race, tribe or social status for your present situation. Those are not the factors that define you, so they should not determine who you become.


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