Ben Jossy

Books by Ben Jossy

abc of salvation

One of the best ways to understand something in detail is to find out what it is, what it does and how it works. Revelation knowledge is the foundation for any tangible accomplishment in the kingdom of God. Careful reading of ABC of Salvation will spark the fire of the Holy Spirit in your heart and catapult you into the realm of the supernatural.

homologeo (an explanation of 1st john 1:9)

The traditional interpretation of 1st John 1:9 led many Christians to confess their sins as a way to receive forgiveness. In this book, Pastor Ben Jossy gives a thorough explanation of the biblical text. This book is a study about forgiveness of sins and how to receive it. Anybody who reads "Homologeo" will be able to answer difficult questions about why confession of sins is not for us today.


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