Benpaul Ewureje

Benpaul Ewureje is a strategic leadership expert and a youth impact strategist. With over 5 years experience in campus leadership, Benpaul have been able to impact and mentor youths across tertiary institutions, helping them to discover life's purpose and fulfilling it. He is the founder and president of Kingdom Leaders Network (KiLeN), a faith-based organization with the mandate of raising global leaders and influencers who will represent the interest of God in all spheres of life. He is an exceptional writer and the author of the life transforming book, Principles of Potential: Secrets to Living Beyond the Ordinary.

Books by Benpaul Ewureje

unlocked: a practical guide to self-discovery and maximum manifestation

In life, being preceeds doing. Who we are preceeds what we do. So, to get more out of life, first, we have to become more. In a world where everyone seems to be talking, it is understandable why so many people are struggling to find their own voice and fulfill God's purpose for their lives. UNLOCKED shares great insights and practical steps to help you discover your true identify, know God's plan for your life and position you for influence. When you are done reading this book, you will find answers to some of life's most important questions: Who am I? – The question of identity. Where am I from? – The question of origin (Source). Why am I here? – The question of purpose. With what was I born? – The question of potential. Where am I going? – The question of destination. This book went a step beyond motivation to deep revelation that provoke right actions. The book uses relatable stories and powerful questions to impregnate the reader with great insights.


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