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your customer rules!: delivering the me2b experiences that today's customers demand

Most organizations struggle to really improve one of the most important factors of their success: the sales and service experiences they offer customers. Despite extensive--and expensive--efforts, this critical competitive edge remains out of reach for many. They key problem is that most companies fail to understand that, more than ever before, the customer is in control of the relationship. Where marketers used to think in terms of B2B or B2C, they have to start thinking "Me2B"--that is, the way the customer relates to the company. Grounded in this shift, Your Customer Rules! reveals the truth about how the best organizations design, measure, and deliver great customer serivce experiences. Based on extensive research into top-performing organizations, Bill Price and David Jaffe have devised 7 simple principles that correspond with the highest customer retention--and therefore sustained profits. These 7 drivers of great customer experience are: You know me, you remember me You give me choices You make it easy for me You value me You trust me You surprise me withstuff that I can't imagine You make me better and let me do more Alongside these 7 drivers, the authors share examples of companies who succeed at customer experience, such as Amazon, DIRECTV, FlightCentre, Ventre-Privee, and Yamato Transport. With a simple, elegant solution for driving lasting value for customers by providing a great customer experience, Your Customer Rules! is essential reading for store managers, contact center managers, leaders of customer-facing teams, and executives.


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