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knowing when and how to quit a relationship

Many singles have been entangled and trapped in relationships that have brought nothing but pains, heartaches and disillusionment. They remain in those relationships because they do not know that they should quit or how to quit. This book is a simple guide on how to know how, and when to quit that relationship before it makes you quit. With this, you'll be able to know when to move on from a love relationship.

understanding sex and soul tie

Sex is a phenomenon that the Church must address and not shy away from because everything around the world centers on this subject at the present. It is the subtle message in most commercials, music videos, fashion, gestures, speech, comedy and movies. Unfortunately, it has been portrayed in a pervasive light. Some people see sex as a means for emotional gratification, as a desire just like any other. Some use it as a bait or a trap. Singles see nothing wrong or make light of the sin and dangers of premarital sex. However, let me inform you that king David invited the sword against his family that extended as a reproach to the whole nation because of the wrong or misplaced use of his sexual desire. However, sex is supposed to be the consummation of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman.


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