Brenda Unu

BRENDA UNU is a professional architect who has been gifted with an imaginative mind. She has been telling stories since she was a little girl, but only recently started publishing her works. She is married to her best friend and together they are blessed with four children. She is a focused and driven person, who holds family very high on her list of personal values. She loves God and is passionate about helping women discover a balance between their work, passion and family lives, through her Doing-it-all series, available on request.

Books by Brenda Unu

the wedding

LOVE NEVER FAILS!!! This is the story of love and how it triumphs all obstacles before it. The young lovers are set to wed but when they meet the parents, things take an unexpected turn. Will they overcome? Will there be a wedding?

christmas palaver

This is a story about a young single mother and a glimpse into her life. It tells of her daily challenges and how she faces them headlong, the love of her son being her main driving force. It is a story of an unexpected love and how it is stifled by the expectations of society. Christmas Palaver is a great read because it lets you into the protagonist's head and you can totally relate to her in this fast paced episode.


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