Bridget Elesin

Bridget Elesin is a John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, certified Performance and Results Coach, Relationship Mentor, Family Life Practitioner, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Trainer and Member of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria. Using these tools and certifications, she equips individuals to create transformational results and live their best lives. Bridget has a passion for helping families work as a team and she expresses this by working with men to be better men, husbands and fathers while working with women to develop healthy self-esteem and grow into all that God has called them to be as women, wives and mothers. In addition, Bridget speaks regularly in youth conferences on intentional living and relationship management. She is the author of the books: Fathers, You Must Take the Lead, Bridgetly Speaking and Father-Mentor. She is also the creator of The Complete Woman Program, Marriage Mindset Network and Fatherhood Mastery Program. Together with her husband, she publishes The Complete Family Magazine and provides oversight to intended and newlywed couples. She is joyfully married to her most favourite person in the world – Tunde Elesin – and they are blessed with three prophetic children. Together, they make up Team Elesin. If you have a fatherhood story to share or you need help with mastering fatherhood, kindly send an e-mail to bridgetelesin@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter: @BridgetElesin Instagram: @BridgetElesin Facebook: Bridget Elesin

Books by Bridget Elesin

father mentor

Dear Father/Father-to-be, Did you know that: • 63% of suicides come from fatherless homes. • 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes. • 80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger come from fatherless homes. • 40% of all children do not live with their biological fathers. • 85% of children with behavioural problems come from fatherless homes. • 90% of homeless children come from fatherless homes. Before you are tempted to think this is a Western problem only, consider these data from Africa: • 71% of children who do not finish school come from fatherless homes. Father-absenteeism is on the increase in Africa, generating such problems as broken families, aggressive behaviour amongst children, financial and social problems and poverty (Freeks 2016:2). Furthermore, with the wave of radical feminism sweeping across the globe, more and more homes in Africa are now being run by single mothers. The questions we are now faced with include: What does it mean to be a good father in this century? If the absence of fathers can wreak this much havoc, how can we help our fathers to be more present and appreciated? Men are expected to know what to do but how would they know what to do if they were never taught? How many men can boast of having had their fathers mentor and coach them on how to be men, husbands and fathers? In this book, Father-Mentor, Bridget Elesin has attempted to answer these and more questions on fatherhood as honestly and as accurately as possible. Father-Mentor is a short, easy-to-read and highly insightful parenting guide for men and is culled from Bridget's over two decades of working with men and fathers.


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