Bunmi Anjola Adaramola

BUNMI ANJOLA ADARAMOLA loves the sentimental things, and as much as she tries to deny it, she’s also a hopeless romantic. When she’s not reading friends (or enemies) -to-lovers and second chance romance novels, you can find her watching rom coms and KDramas. In her everyday life, Bunmi is a Bar II student at the Nigerian Law School and an aspiring Academic, having completed her LLB and LLM in International Corporate Law at the University of Leeds in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and MSc (LPC) in Law, Business and Management at the University of Law, Manchester. Bunmi has also gained over 2 years experience as a Legal Collaborator at a U.K. Regulatory Technology company. She is the founder of BYJOLAA Creatives Global, a creative and personal development platform aimed at empowering young black creatives, which has birthed various initiatives, such as the ‘Being Black’ Series and the ‘Employability’ Series for black students and graduates. Her first published work is Tejumola: The One Who Looks Forward to Better Days.

Books by Bunmi Anjola Adaramola

ìrìn: the journey

Is forgiveness an act? A decision? A feeling? A choice? Meet Temi. A people’s person. Down-to-earth; everyone’s favourite friend, the life of the metaphorical party. All of the above, and silently battling her demons everyday with the widest smile on her face. However, the moment past mistakes threaten to break the doors of the present and shatter any hope of a future, the need to know a God who knows it all, escalates. What happens when unforgiveness has eaten so deep into the corners of your heart, that it stops you from letting go of past hurt and moving forward to a better future? And when the potential for love comes knocking again the third time around, do you allow your fears protect you or take the leap? Ìrìn is a journey about self-rediscovery with God and a lesson on self-forgiveness as a foundation in our walk with God.


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