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my father is the best mother

This debut collection of four exciting stories showcases the rich blend of African culture and values. The narratives are captivating as they deeply reflect the inevitability of the triumph of good over evil; right over wrong; truth over lies; and values over vices. Also aptly captured are the pains and thrills of parenthood. In “The gods are hungry” a certain kingdom is bedeviled by deception until the truth is revealed and the perpetrators of wickedness are punished. In “The Return of King Izanga” a concerned king leaves his devastated kingdom in search of a better place, for his subjects, only for his subjects to turn around and become disloyal. And, in the title story, a young girl writes an intriguing essay on why she considers her father to be the best mother on the planet. Can you believe that? This fascinating anthology is replete with didactic elements and pulsates with moral precepts. Although, mostly ancient in setting, it clearly exposes societal ills, and is relevant in promoting acceptable values – even in contemporary times. It is a must-read for children and of course will elicit hilarious laughter from adults. This is the first installment in ‘The Excellent Reader Series.’


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