Charles Umeh

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breaking the coconut

Two things happen when you break a coconut: You have the water spill and the coconut meat for consumption. It’s true some coconuts don’t have water in them, People say they are tastier! However, the first thing that comes out of most coconuts is the water and that’s not what the coconut is all about. Some of us are smart enough to quench our thirst with the water, while others do away with it and go for the main deal. Whichever way, the real coconut has two offers all in the promise of one. Breaking the coconut is a story of young Africans who in their journey had affected their peers and communities in ordinary ways that turned out extraordinary irrespective of life’s curve balls. They made their mark, and are now on different timelines in their lives. Here are some of the inspiring lessons they share in their journey and moments that broke them .This serves as heads-up to the next generation of game changers.


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