Chidi Jacob

Books by Chidi Jacob

ichrist: revealing the man in christ

Whether you believe on the subject of this book or not, the reality still remains that your life has been greatly moulded by natural systems and elemental forces. It is these systems that classifies and relegate every human to certain life expectation and experiences. For example, the educational system may have classified you below average, the medical sciences labelled you sickly, the financial systems tagged you as poor, and fellow men say that you are not good enough. Perhaps, these systems may have approved and celebrated you as successful, but within, you alone know the ongoing battles and fears that constantly hunt you like a prey which tends to limit your abilities. The good news is that The Way of salvation has been made available to you to renew your inward man. This salvation is not a religion but the purpose is to birth a new race of people whose life and existence are no longer controlled by these elemental systems. Rather, this new race are defined by their union


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