Chidi Okoye

CHIDI OKOYE is a Police Officer, a Writer, an Artist, and a Quantity Surveyor. After his higher education he joined the Nigeria Police Force and is presently a Deputy Superintendent of Police. He lives in Lagos with his lovely wife and kids. He is currently working on his third crime novel. Chidi Okoye can be reached at okoyechidebere001@gmail.com

Books by Chidi Okoye

the investigator

A NIGERIA POLICE PROCEDURAL CRIME NOVEL WRITTEN BY A NIGERIA POLICE OFFICER. While on a leave of absence, Detective Inspector Sketch Dikko receives an unexpected, and rather urgent, phone call from his boss: “I need you down at the division, at once. There’s been a murder…” Recently appointed as Inspector Crime, Dikko is mandated to investigate the murder and submit his findings to the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Panti, Lagos. Interestingly, it’s his first murder case. And it appears to be an open-and-shut one as the murder suspect – in addition to a few but irrefutable eyewitness accounts – confesses to the crime. However, there’s more to this case than meets the eye. In The Investigator, Dikko comes face to face with a twisted and cold-blooded killer – a killer who’s both innocent and guilty. From its tense opening to its shocking climax, The Investigator is a crime novel that will hold you in its relentless grip for every twist, turn and revelation.

the syndicate affairs

In this outstanding follow-up to the remarkable crime novel, The Investigator, Chidi Okoye demonstrates once again why he is a master of the Nigeria Police procedural thriller. The Syndicate Affairs is a brilliant narrative that finds famed police inspector, Sketch Dikko, on a collision course with a powerful and deadly cabal whose tentacles reach deep within the Nigeria Police Force and other related security agencies. Imperiled at every turn, Dikko faces the clock in this striking showdown between the forces of good and evil. Pulsating with a potpourri of intrigue, murder, kidnapping, rape, car-stealing and several other vices, The Syndicate Affairs is Chidi Okoye’s most exciting novel yet.


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