Chigozirim Otefe-Edebi

Chigozirim Otefe-Edebi Is a Human Resource and Integrated Communication Professional with years of work experience in the banking, telecommunications, media, health, entertainment and business support sectors from 2003 till date. She is also an entrepreneur who has started, supported and sustained several business ventures including a psychiatric hospital facility - ‘The Gracehill Place’ ; a place of practice, research and employment of mental health practitioners and professionals in Lagos, Nigeria. Her entrepreneurial experience inspired her to create a business readiness workbook which was simplified and published in 2018 as ‘The Side Hustle Workbook’.

Books by Chigozirim Otefe-Edebi

the side hustle workbook

I am not promising absolute results, because the determinants for success in life and business vary from significant to insignificant details. However, I have tried to infuse lessons in this workbook based on my own experiences. This book is a great start to get information to begin your side hustle business, and it will help you to do the following: 1. Assess your readiness before you take the plunge into business or quit your job. 2. Determine the worth of your ideas to establish which ones to pursue, those to work on later, and those not to execute at all. 3. Design your own unique business plans. 4. Understand and harness your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. 5. Record your growth and lessons learned as a basis to transfer knowledge and train your staff and proteges. 6. Avoid losing money on an idea or business opportunity.

strategies for coping in a toxic environment

Toxicity - in all dimensions - is triggered by people. For the purpose of this book, we want to analyse how people deliberately or unintentionally introduce poison or toxicity into places they go or groups they participate in. Indeed those toxic whatsapp or social media groups, places of worship, places of work, social clubs, PTA meetings, romantic relationships, family units, and even communities are populated by people and as they come through with their diverse experiences and attitudes, they either bring with them some freshness and inspiration or some negative vibes and poison. In this book, learn to identify the signs, identify the people and build your coping strategy.


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