Chimaobi Akachukwu

Chimaobi Akachukwu is born in Africa, Nigeria. Burning cloud is his first novel. He is also the author of Chi, the Founder/Ceo of Joyfid Afrika. He is an educationist, accountant, tax professional and consultant. He is awarded a motivational strips golden badge award in 2020 for golden words which have a global appeal. He lives in Lagos.

Books by Chimaobi Akachukwu

burning cloud

Burning cloud is a story that explores cultural backgrounds, it give you the chance of knowing the world you never knew existed. It depicts the interest of humanitarian involvements that reflects on man’s greed and lust for material gratification. How honesty as a way of life has never been regretful. In spite of Soronnadi’s misfortune, humanity and gods did not abandon her. As paternal orphans and a widow in umuagu-inyi village, Soronnadi, Kwube and Kobia are trapped by her uncles, elders and the tradition of the land after the demise of her father. Her uncle Ikemba, conspired with Ugwa, Dibe, Meme, and Ayah to claim all they had. The elders of Umuagu-inyi supported Ikemba and Misused the tradition to their advantage. Kwube sold Soronnadi out, informed his uncle Ugwa about Soronnadi’s pregnancy, in return, Ugwa promised him to return all their land. Burning cloud is a story of Sorrow, conspiracy, betrayal, hatred, and expectation set in today’s world, clouding the moment to threaten one’s existence.


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