Chinedu Achebe

Chinedu Achebe is a Nigerian American who was born in Richmond, Virginia. He is the oldest of 3 siblings. Chinedu graduated from the University of Houston with his Bachelors degree in Economics. He published his first book, Blunted on Reality in 2012. Chinedu also has written articles in the Huffington Post, Medium, and Bella Naija. He currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and son.

Books by Chinedu Achebe

the miseducation of obi ifeanyi

Obi Ifeanyi's life is moving at a fast pace. He is now a husband and father. So while President Obama is contending with a tough reelection campaign, Obi Ifeanyi is dealing with the day to day pressures of married life and raising a son. When his former love interest, Sade Olufemi, comes back into his life and decides to run her political campaign with the help of his wife, Nkechi, Obi's problems are compounded because Sade is a secret Nkechi is better not knowing about. While he struggles with the torment of Sade's return, the upcoming wedding of his best friend from law school, will lead to the unveiling of a secret that will change the dynamics of the Ifeanyi family forever.


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